American Hanoverian Society Breeding Goal -- "The aim is a noble, correctly built warmblooded horse capable of superior performance, a horse with natural implusion and space-gaining elastic movements - - a horse that because of its temperament, character, and willingness is suited principally as an all-around riding horse....."


Dale (front left) pictured with Dr. Ludwig Christmann, Director of International Affairs, of the Hannoveraner Verband

at Annual 2YO Stallion Hanoverian Licensing from Der Hannoveraner Magazine 


 Stallion Licensing at the Niedersachsenhallein Verden, Germany - Walking before the Commissioners and Jumping Lane at Right

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    The  Hanoverian's origin is the Kingdom of Hanover, now the state of Lower Saxony in northern Germany.  The horse breeding industry has been flourishing there for over 400 years and this has resulted in the creation of one of the most prominent breeds of riding horses on all five continents. 

    In 1998,  the Hanoverian breed was awarded the World Breeding Championship in both Dressage and Show Jumping, a first ever for any breed and the fifth consecutive year for show jumping.

    The Hanoverian is a noble, correctly proportioned warmblood horse with natural balance, impulsion and elegant, elastic movements characterized by a floating trot, a round rhythmic canter, and a ground-covering walk.

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The Verband hannoverscher Warmblutzuchter says that, 'There can be no question that the Hanoverian horse represents today one of the most prominent breeds for riding horses in the world. The stud-book comprises close to 19,000 active brood mares and 450 approved breeding stallions and covers the largest homogeneous breeding area in Europe. In fact, Hanoverians are found in all five continents.

Today the Hanoverian horse represents the most important breed of sport horses in the world. Olympic as well as World champions and the largest number of World Cup winner are from the Hanoverian breeding area. A huge number of top competition horses have the H brand - the Hanoverian trade mark - on their back left side, which takes its inspiration from the crossed horse heads at the gable of the breeding farms in Lower Saxony. But not only top riders benefit from Hanoverian Horses. The Horses with the "H"-Brand also delight pleasure riders in many countries throughout the world.'

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Calm and level-headed, the Hanoverian keeps his cool even in difficult situations.


The Hanoverian gives himself willingly to the rider, accepting the aids and allowing himself to be rated.

Stamina, Bone, and Substance

The Hanoverian has been bred for centuries to stand up under a variety of demanding conditions and uses.1

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The American Hanoverian Society (AHS) is the Registry for Hanoverians in North America, and it maintains a close relationship with the German Registry known as  the Verband hannoverscher Warmblutzuechter (VhW).

 Why choose to ride a Hanoverian?

'You recognize it in an instant...  

The Brilliance...  The Power...

The Hanoverian Horse.......

The product of decades of devotion to exacting, selective breeding

resulting in performance horses with exceptional temperaments,

physical harmony and athletic ability.'

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As Members of the American Hanoverian Society, we are committed to adopt and adhere to the highly selective breeding standards as practiced since 1735 in the Hannover breeding area of Germany.  The Society desires to encourage those standards and to develop a horse on the North American continent having the same or better characteristics.

Please view some of the results of our Masterpieces of Breeding.

šAdapted from Oklahoma State University

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