The Importance of the Dam Line


"Genetically, the mare is responsible for at least 50 percent of the foal. Some breeders even argue by observation that the dam affects the offspring at a rate of 60 percent or more. In the majority of cases, breeding experts will tell you the mare's characteristics override the stallion's. A rule of thumb in the breeding world is that you can breed a mediocre stallion to a great mare and still have a nice foal. But breed a great stallion to an undesirable mare? The results will be disastrous. Temperament, conformation and talent are each critically tied to the mare's genetic structure, a structure she passes from generation to generation. Therefore, understanding the mare's crucial role in the breeding process is an undeniably essential part of the breeding equation."  From "The Mare Matters" in Dressage Today, January 2003.

German studies show a high correlation between mare line success & the talents of the mare's offspring  We have kept two mares from our last decade breeding program.


EMC Lucette by Liberty Gold out of EM Aluette                 Winnifer by Wolkentanz I out if EM Aluette. 

Both are from the same strong mare line with well documented family histories to increase breeding success.  Each has achieved their own success in some of the leading breed show competitions as well as having a bloodline history of success.  Please visit each of these mare's web pages for more details.  Their Dam Line is below:


Dam Line for:

2013 DANCIER Colt out of LUCETTE by Liberty Gold out of EM Aluette

2013 LONDONDERRY Filly out of WINNIFER by Wolkentanz out of EM Aluette


FIRST Dam - EM Aluette by Argentan out of Davina (1995)

               EMC Pacific Patina by Pointmaker (F 2000) (Inspection 7.16, Mare Performance Test (MPT) 7.14)

                    2012 Champion Mare at Inspection - "Rarely have we seen a mare as correct in her movement." The American Hanoverian Winter 2013

                    High Scoring Hanoverian and Reserve Champion at USDF Breed Shows in CA (2002) and then in AZ (2004)

                    2012 1st Level Winner in Dressage - Reserve Champion State (AZ) Championships

               Wyeth by Winterprinz (G 2002) - Injured in Training

               EMC Wavenly by Wolkentanz I (F 2004) (Inspection 8.0, MPT 7.83)

                    2009 Dual Champion Mare at AHS Inspection & MPT - 9 on Walk, 9 on Rideability, In Top 5 Mares of 266 Inspected in US/Canada

                    2008 Champion Mare and Materiale - New England Dressage Association(NEDA) - 4th in US

                    2007 Champion NEDA 3YO and Reserve Champion High Score Hanoverian.

                    2006 Reserve Champion Filly and Champion 2YO Filly - USDF New England

                    2005 Top Hanoverian at the NEDA Fall Festival of Dressage and scored an 82 in the Yearling Filly Class. 

                    Multiple Breed Show Filly Championships - Scored an 8.88 FEI 4YO

               Siskiyou by Sandro Hit (G 2005) - Showing Hunter/Jumper

               EMC LUCETTE by Liberty Gold (F 2006) (Inspection 8.16, MPT 7.72)

                     2013 Colt by Dancier

                     2010 Dual Champion Mare at AHS Inspection & MPT - "Did not show any weak points ... elastic gaits with super correct limbs."

                     2010 Highest Scoring Hanoverian Nationally at AHS Inspection - Bari  von Buedingen  Memorial Trophy 

                     2010 Reserve Champion Dr.  Hartwig Prize - Best North American Bred Young Mare

                     2010 AHS Champion Mare and Reserve Champion Materiale - Fillies/Mares                

                     2010 Reserve Grand Champion - West Coast USDF Breeders Finals 

                     2008 Champion Hanoverian - Los Angeles Breeders Classic

                     2008 Champion Filly/Mare California Dressage Society

                     2008-2010 - Eight Filly Breed Show Championships  

               WINNIFER by Wolkentanz I (F 2007) - Full Sister to Wavenly above

                     2014 Colt by Dancier

                     2013 Filly by Londonderry - Top Rated Excellent in all Categories at AHS Foal Evaluation

                     2009/2010 Multiple Breed Show Filly Championships (4) in CA

                     2010 Highest Scoring Horse at Woodside Summer Dressage - Topping EMC Lucette in their only competition

                     2010 Top Hanoverian Mare and 3YO Filly at Los Angeles Breeders Classic

                     2009 USDF 5th Ranked 2YO Filly and 4th Ranked 2/3YO Hanoverian

               Eurus by Escudo II (C 2009) - In Training for Jumping

               Laertes by Liberty Gold (C 2011)

               Foal due by Liberty Gold (2013)

            SECOND Dam - Davina by Donnerhall (1991) 

               EM Aluette by Argentan (F 1995) (Inspection 7.5, MPT 8.22) - See Above

               SPS High Princess by Hohenstein (F 1996) (Inspection 9.0, MPT 8.22)

                     Sagenhaft HW (G 2003) by Sandro Hit - Offered at $60,000

                     Selten HW (C 2004)  by Sandro Hit

                        -  2006 USDF Breeders Champion for Colts and Geldings

                        -  4, 5 and 6 Year Old - USEF Young Dressage Horse National Champion - only 'Triple Crown' Winner

                        -  2012 Sold for Euro 500,000 at Equine Elite Auction in the Netherlands

                     Skywalker (C  2006) by Sandro Hit

                        -  2013 NWDC 4th Level Open Champion

                        2012 Region 6 Champion 1st and Training Level

                        -  2012 - 6th USEF 6YO Young Dressage Horse FEI Championship Finals

                     Soraya HW by Sandro Hit (F 2007)

                          -  Multiple Young Horse Championships

                     Shakira HW (aka Sydney HW) (F 2008) by Sandro Hit

                          - Totally Splendid (2012) by Totilas - Foal of Distinction at Oldenburg Inspection

                          - 2014 in foal to Chippendale

                     Royal Romance HW (F 2011) by Rubingon

                     Fiderstein HW (C 2012) by Fidertanz - Top Colt at AHS Inspection in MI

                     Unnamed Filly by (F 2013) by Quaterback

              SPS High Value by Hohenstein (F 1997) (Inspection 8.0, MPT 8.06)

                    SPA Sandrina by Sandro Hit (F 2002) - Successful dressage horse

                    Furstenstein by Furst Romancier (C 2009)

                          - 2012 Oldenburg Stallion Licensing Champion - Sold for Euro 165,000

                   SPS High Value successfully shown in Germany to the highest levels of Dressage.

          Third Dam - SPS Batavia (F 1987) by Bolero

              Davina by Donnerhall (F 1991) - See Above

              Duvalier by Davignon (G 1992) -  1997 Bundeschampion for Dressage

                  Grand Prix winner of over Euro 55,000 - Sold for DM 1,000,000

         Fourth Dam - SPS Walhalla by Wendekries (1982)



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The Grand Dam - EM-SPA ALUETTE .... .... is a 16.3H Chestnut  ELITE/SPA Mare by Argentan (Absatz-Wohlan- Lateran) out of Davina (Donnerhall- Bolero- Wendekreis)....May 12, 1995.  Class 1 X-Rays.  Breeder Leuder Lepenies from Deinste, Germany.

        EM-SPA Aluette with Wavenly '04 by Wolkentanz I     

    Imported from Germany, her German Inspection Highlights include an overall score of 7.5, with 8's for saddle position, foreleg, correctness of gaits, and swing and elasticity.  Her German Performance Test Results include a rare and impressive overall score of 8.22 (the highest overall Mare Performance Test (MPT) scores for all mares tested in the entire US were 7.76 in 2000, 8.3 in 1999 and 1998 and 8.1 in 1997).  Aluette's scores included an extremely rare perfect 10 for free jumping scope, a 9 for free jumping technique, and 8's for walk, trot, and rideability judges.  A mare with superior conformation, gaits and performance results and suitable for both jumping and dressage.  

    Aluette's sire, Argentan (1967-1996), was 1994 Hanoverian Stallion of the Year.  Argentan was one of the last sons of  the famous Absatz to stand at stud.  Argentan's offspring earned him high indices in both dressage and jumping.  Argentan has produced 3 national champion broodmares. 

    Argentan was called 'Celle's best civil servant', because he is one of the very few stallions that is able to pass onto his offspring a series of qualities in their entirety.  Argentan represented character (no vices, dependable, never sick), a strong constitution, a correct exterior, as well as a willingness and ability to perform.  We are proud to own one of the 100 SPS or Elite mares that he produced out of his over 2400 foals.

    Aluette's granddam, SPS Batavia, has, among other winners, produced the 1997 Bundeschampion (National Champion of Germany for Dressage), Duvalier by Davignon.  Duvalier sold initially at Verden for DM 240,000 and then for DM 1,000,000.  

    Aluette's dam Davina's has had two other fillies, one a 1996 foal, High Princess by Hohenstein, has been very successful in young horse classes in Germany including a third at the prestigious federal biannual Louis-Wiegels Show..  High Princess also scored an overall 9.0 at her inspection and an 8.22 on her MPT and was reportedly offered for sale in Germany for DM 100,000.  High Princess is the dam of Selten HW by Sandro Hit.  Three times, Selten HW was the USEF 4, 5 and 6 Year Young Dressage Horse National Champion and in 2012 sold for 500,000 euro at Equine Elite Auction in the Netherlands.  High Value, Davina's 1997 Hohenstein foal, has also been very successful with an overall 8 at her inspection and scoring 10's for walk and canter and a 9 for trot with an overall 8.06 on her MPT.  In 2012, her colt, Furstenstein by Furst Romancier was the Oldenburg Stallion Licensing Champion, selling for 165,000 euro.  This is one of the strongest dam lines available in the USA.

    Aluette is now owned by Lois Brady, Sand Lake Stables, Hillsdale, MI.

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